Alumni Feedback Fuels Strategic Plan

Phillips Academy’s Strategic Planning Task Force began its work in earnest last summer. The plan, expected to be presented to the Board of Trustees for approval in fall 2014, will set Andover’s strategic direction for the coming three to five years.

One of the most important aspects of the strategic planning process is gathering input from the PA community—those who teach, live, and learn on the campus—as well as the thousands of alumni and parents who care deeply about Andover’s future. Much of the fall was spent reaching out to individual groups to hear their thoughts and dreams for PA and to test our long-held community values, such as non sibi and “youth from every quarter.”

Working closely with an Alumni Council committee, the task force created a special survey for Abbot Academy and Andover Academy alumni. Topics included the Academy’s core values, the current ways in which alumni engage with the school, and the skills that today’s graduates must have to be successful in their lives after Andover.

More than 1,400 alumni participated in the comprehensive survey, with respondents spanning every decade from 1940 to 2010. The highest concentration of responses came from alumni in the 1980s.

In early 2014, via the web, the task force will share and request feedback on the emerging shape of the plan as informed by the input we receive from alumni as well as from students, faculty, staff, administrators, and parents.

Those who did not participate in the survey still may contribute to this data-gathering phase by e-mailing thoughts to Thank you for your time and engagement in this critical process; it is essential to a successful strategic plan!

Rachel Skiffer

Dean of Policy and Strategic Planning

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