Time Management: Exploring PA’s calendar and schedule


A recent School Congress on the topic of developing a student-centered schedule attracted record-level participation. The faculty and dozens of students filled 12 classrooms in Sam Phil to propose ideas on sticky notes and then discuss their merits in small groups.

There was strong support for exploring a later start to the 8 a.m. school day, as well as dedicating more time to experiential learning and allowing greater flexibility in the afternoons. Those ideas generating widespread interest were then grouped on the accompanying grid. The “sticky note exercise” provided community input to the Implementation Working Group charged with exploring Andover’s daily schedule and annual calendar.

Later this term, members of the working group and other interested faculty and staff will “walk in the shoes” of Andover students by following them for a day of classes, sports, arts, clubs, meals and social time.  After additional data gathering and a retreat with a scheduling consultant from Independent School Management, the working group will draft a schedule for faculty and student comment at the end of the school year. Based upon that feedback, at the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year, the group will present daily schedule options for faculty vote.IMG_1126

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