Climate Action: Andover Takes a Fresh Look at Sustainability

8800589580_dd856a3248_oOne of the Strategic Plan’s institutional directives is to create a Climate Action Plan that will present a comprehensive approach for reducing greenhouse gas emissions on campus.

  • This summer, a sustainable design engineering firm, The Green Engineer, will be on campus to gather data on the academy’s current energy/utility use and sustainability efforts.
  • In the fall, the Climate Action Plan Working Group and a sustainability consultant, Riverstone Sustainability, will analyze that data and share the finding with the campus community, collaborating with them in thinking about possible mitigation strategies. Additionally, the working group will engage the community in climate action activities on campus, such as “living lab” initiatives and class projects.
  • By the winter of 2018, in addition to providing recommendations to reduce greenhouse gases at Phillips Academy, the working group’s final Climate Action Plan will make recommendations for water-use reduction and waste minimization, and will outline specific goals and strategies for the financial and managerial processes surrounding such reductions.

More information

If you have questions or ideas for the Climate Action Plan working group, please email Russell Stott at Continue to check the Strategic Plan Blog for updates on sustainability at Andover.

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