Q&A, Other Discussions on the 4 x5

CBackground speech bubbleontinue to check the new 4×5 tab on PAnet! There is now a set of questions and answers posted that was part of the recent Lunch Table Conversation series and questions posed during faculty meeting. Review in-depth information on questions you may have about athletics, childcare, vacations, nights in the dorm, and more. This Q&A will continue to be updated as new discussion topics arise.

If you have a suggestion about additional information that would be helpful to our community, please email

Upcoming Faculty Meetings

Andover’s new daily schedule and annual calendar will continue to be a topic of conversation during fall and winter faculty meetings. The schedule includes:

  • October 24: A discussion about Empathy & Balance curriculum placement, 64 class and one course limit, and rules for lunch periods. A survey will be administered following the meeting, with responses due by October 27.
  • November 7: This meeting will focus on a review of recent survey results and other feedback from our community. Another survey will follow, with responses due by November 10.
  • December 12: A discussion about refinements to the 4×5 will be followed by an advisory vote, with voting in mid-December.