Strategic Plan Update

Aeriel-ViewUpcoming Faculty Meetings 

Faculty meetings on December 5 and 12 will include discussions about refinements to the 4×5 schedule and calendar. An advisory vote on those proposed refinements will be held in mid-December. The agendas are:

December 5

  • Clyfe Beckwith will update the faculty on student scheduling.
  • There will be a final presentation on refinements to the 4×5. Topics include:
  • Slots for ASM, department meetings, faculty meeting, team meetings, and advising and conference periods
  • Placement of the Empathy & Balance curriculum
  • Student-report writing
  • The model for short weeks
  • Cascade model

December 12 

  • We will hold a “wrap-up discussion” to address any specific questions on the refinements before the vote in mid-December.

Course-Time Envelope Voting Results

The binding vote on course-time envelope for 2017–2018 closed on Monday, November 14. The majority voted to apply the weekly expectation of up to nine hours of combined class and out-of-class time to all courses in 2017–2018. There were 151 votes from voting faculty members, with the following results:

  • 82 (54.3%) supported the nine-hour maximum expectation
  • 45 (29.8%) supported the tiered approach with different time expectations depending upon course level
  • 24 (15.9%) abstained