A Greener Blue! Advancing Sustainability on Campus

15043687_1370769882942700_3249857824234143744_nOne of the institutional directives in the Strategic Plan is to create a Climate Action Plan (CAP) that will serve as a framework for decision making about the physical development of our campus over time—preserving its history while preparing for the future. Led by the Climate Action Plan Working Group, the goal is to develop a comprehensive approach for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, and waste.

During Faculty Meeting on January 9, Russell Stott and Allison Guerette presented an update on sustainability at Andover, including efforts around buildings and energy, landscape and land use, electric vehicles, and waste reduction and diversion. They also provided an overview of ongoing work toward the Climate Action Plan, including benchmarking key measures on campus (such as fossil fuel and electricity use).

The upcoming CAP timeline, which is subject to change, includes:

  • Winter/spring 2017: Develop a mitigation strategy for greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, and waste with cost/benefit analysis.
  • Spring 2017: Develop implementation, financial, and management plans.
  • Summer 2017: Finalize the CAP and develop communications strategy.
  • Fall 2017: Present CAP to trustees.

To view the full presentation, please visit PAnet. Also make sure to check out “agreenerblue” on Instagram and stay tuned for information about the related website and blog.