Update: Interdisciplinary Studies, Schedule and Calendar

BLDG_C4SN-HARDY-DSC_1106-LUpcoming Interdisciplinary Discussion

The Interdisciplinary Working Group is planning an interactive and experiential Faculty Meeting on Monday, January 30. We will first gather in Kemper Auditorium to share some of the results of the faculty survey completed in December. We will then spend the rest of the meeting working together in small groups. In advance of the meeting, we will email you with information about your small group and where it will convene. For more information, email Catherine Kemp ( or David Fox (

4×5 Update

In December the faculty voted to continue collaborative work toward a new schedule at Andover, rather than implement a “4×5” model in the next year. What does this shift in timing mean for Andover? For academic year 2017-2018, we will retain the framework of the current schedule, while also advancing another strategic imperative as planned—expansion of the Empathy & Balance curriculum. We are excited to build from this year’s ninth grade Foundations pilot program and begin the tenth grade, full-year Endeavors pilot program. Over time we will continue to build toward a four-year Empathy & Balance curriculum for all students.

The design of a new student-centered schedule and calendar is one of several ways we are honoring our commitments to academic excellence, as well as Empathy & Balance, Equity & Inclusion, and Creativity & Innovation at Andover. We look forward to furthering our work of continuous improvement to teaching and learning at Andover. Please contact with any questions.