“Friday Frees,” Interdisciplinary Updates

BLDG_C4SN-HARDY-DSC_1106-LAt the most recent faculty meeting, the faculty discussed and considered scheduling for the Foundations and Endeavors pilots in 2017–2018.

The schedule option with the most overall support in Academic Council is the creation of “Friday Frees,” which calls for students to have rotating classes off on Fridays and slotting the Foundations course into the “Friday Frees” for 9th graders. The 10th-grade Endeavors classes will meet during the English 200 red-dot periods.

Details of Friday Frees:

  • ONE period on Friday will be cleared for ALL grades during 7 weeks each term.
  • ALL students will have fewer class preparations on 7 Fridays each term.
  • Each period 1–7 will miss one meeting each term.
  • Foundations classes will meet during the “Friday Free” periods.
  • 9th graders will have continuity of their Foundations group all year.
  • Prefects and day student mentors may be invited to assist with the Foundations course.

Last week all faculty members received a ballot about the “Friday Frees” option; the majority responded in support of it. Here are the results of the faculty vote:

  • Yes, I support the Friday Frees option: 102 votes
  • No, I do not support the Friday Frees option: 39 votes
  • Abstain: 4 votes

As a result of the vote, Friday Frees will be implemented in the fall  of 2017-2018. Thanks to all who worked on this proposal.

Looking Ahead: Small Group Discussions on Interdisciplinary Studies

In December, a faculty majority expressed interest in exploring additional, interdisciplinary opportunities at PA. Survey results were presented during faculty meeting on January 30. On Monday, April 3, we will hold a follow-up session during faculty meeting, with participants being divided into small discussion groups. If you have any questions, please email Catherine Kemp ( or David Fox (