New Schedule, Calendar: Starting with Common Ground

4432978461_5a8bbc4235During Faculty Meeting on March 27, we continued our community conversation about what we desire to see in a future academic day and calendar year at Andover. We considered what we like about the current schedule and reviewed areas of consensus for reimagining our shared experiences at Andover. These “common ground” topics included:

  • Pace of life as an issue for both students and faculty that we seek to address.
  • Our students benefitting if we could make greater time for collaboration with our colleagues.
  • A later start time for the first class (i.e., 8:30 a.m.) as a better start time for our students.

Looking Ahead

A follow-up discussion will take place during faculty meeting on May 22.  The approximate timeline of key milestones is:

  • SPRING 2017: community conversations
  • SPRING 2017: seven-person task force formed
  • SUMMER 2017: professional development for task force
  • EARLY FALL 2017: community conversations continue; proposed models welcomed
  • LATE FALL 2017: draft schedules/calendars presented to faculty
  • WINTER 2018: subset of schedules/calendars refined
  • (Ideally) SPRING 2018: binding vote
  • (Ideally) FALL 2019: schedule and calendar implementation

If you’d like to be in touch with questions or suggestions during the process, please email