A work in progress, implementation of the strategic plan will take place during the next three to five years. 

Implementation working groups

as of May 4, 2017

Chairpersons in blue

Schedule & Calendar Working Group

Kevin Cardozo
Marcelle Doheny
David Fox
Lisa Joel
Karen Kennedy
Christopher Odden
Victor Svec

Clyfe Beckwith / ex officio
Deb Olander / ex officio
John Palfrey / ex officio
Rachel Skiffer / ex officio

Climate Action Plan Working Group

Willa Abel
Nancy Alpert
Betsy Davis
Jeff Domina
Alix Driscoll
Allison Guerette
Tom Hodgson
Aggie Kip
Karin Knudson
Brendan Mackinson
Gil Major
Russell Stott

Interdisciplinary Implementation Working Group

Lilia Cai-Hurteau
Judith Dolkart
Damany Fisher
David Fox
Kassie Fritz
Allen Grimm
Catherine Kemp
Bill Scott
Flavia Vidal

New schedule & calendar timeline

as of May 4, 2017

The approximate timeline of key milestones is:

  • SPRING 2017: community conversations
  • SPRING 2017: seven-person task force formed
  • SUMMER 2017: professional development for task force
  • EARLY FALL 2017: community conversations continue; proposed models welcomed
  • LATE FALL 2017: draft schedules/calendars presented to faculty
  • WINTER 2018: subset of schedules/calendars refined
  • (Ideally) SPRING 2018: binding vote
  • (Ideally) FALL 2019: schedule and calendar implementation