Strategic Priorities


EquityMarked in particular by the establishment of A Better Chance in 1963, co-education in 1973, and need-blind admission in 2008, Andover’s evolving definition of “youth from every quarter” has led to increased access. We continue our progress toward full equity by enhancing our educational program and support systems to prepare our students for life at and beyond Andover. New content, emphasis, and technique will yield deeper understanding.

Goal: Nurture the academic and personal growth of all students as they navigate a complex, intentionally diverse learning community.
    • Create and strengthen support structures so that all students may access the highest levels of our curriculum.
    • Integrate our advising, house counseling, and college counseling programs.
    • Embed intellectual inquiry related to race, ethnicity, class, gender, and sexual orientation in our curriculum and other programming.
    • Hire and retain diverse, highly qualified faculty, administrators, and staff committed to upholding our core values.



CreativityImaginative pedagogy has long distinguished Andover’s academic excellence. To maintain a vibrant and cooperative intellectual community, we must formally implement this pursuit across the curriculum. We affirm a commitment to pedagogical and curricular innovation in which the analog and the digital complement each other. We will use novel and tailored methods to explore a dynamic course of study that introduces different points of view, provides the foundation for rigorous critical analysis, and encourages thoughtful problem-solving.

Goal: Implement new ideas in teaching and learning informed by the global dialogue on education.
    • Launch the Tang Institute, a collaborative effort to test, assess, and share teaching methods and learning tools.
    • Devote professional development to the exchange of effective pedagogical practices.
    • Develop more experiential, interdisciplinary, and multidisciplinary courses.
    • Support teachers in integrating appropriate technologies as part of their classroom practice.



EmpathyAndover’s founders charged the head of school with convincing students “of the several great duties they owe to . . . their neighbour, and themselves.” Self-awareness remains just as important today: health, balance, and resilience are essential to a life of sustained and meaningful contribution. But the outward-looking element of this historical imperative has become even more compelling thanks to a student body from around the country and the world. More neighbors with a greater variety of viewpoints await contemporary Andover students; we will teach them to consider their obligations to others and to embrace difference.

Goal: Prioritize mutual understanding and individual well-being as essential to a thriving community.
  • Further incorporate social-emotional learning into our educational program.
  • Open the Rebecca M. Sykes Wellness Center for health care and education.
  • Create a comprehensive, multi-year health curriculum.
  • Update the scope and philosophy of our athletic program.
  • Provide an opportunity for every student to study off campus and experience a different culture.