Task Force

Andover has embarked on a strategic planning process that will result in a clear vision connected to innovative ideas and aspirations that will guide the school for the next 3 to 5 years. The Strategic Planning Task Force is committed to facilitating a collaborative and transparent process that involves the faculty, staff, administration, trustees, alumni, parents and students. The trustees, who are ultimately responsible for the Academy’s direction, will guide this work, with the Board President, Head of School, and Dean for Policy and Strategic Planning engaged in leadership roles.


  • Catherine Carter
  • Stephanie Curci
  • Jeff Domina
  • Lisa Joel
  • Christopher Jones
& Staff
  • Patrick Farrell
  • Rachel Skiffer
  • Chand Sripad
  • Tracy Sweet
  • Christopher S. Auguste ’76
  • Robert Campbell ’66
  • Louis Elson ’80
  • Corinne Field ’83
Ex Officio
  • Peter L.S. Currie ’74
  • Nancy Jeton
  • John G. Palfrey, Jr.

To contact the committee, email strategicplan@andover.edu.

Task Force Charge

  • Establish the structure and process to develop a draft strategic plan for community comment by June 2014, and a final version for review and approval by the Board of Trustees at its fall 2014 meeting
  • Adhere to these principles:
    • Be bold and aspirational
    • Be inclusive but not unwieldy
    • Frame the vision within the bounds of fiscal reality
    • Seek tradeoffs (including sunsetting current practices) to focus resources on institutional priorities
    • Think beyond Andover
  • Facilitate a review of the academy’s Statement of Purpose to consider reaffirmation or amendments
  • Engage the Andover community throughout the process
  • Establish and charge working groups as needed
  • Maintain a culture of transparency by communicating broadly throughout the process
  • Identify objectives that can be achieved within a 3-5 year time frame
  • Build dynamism into the planning process and implementation strategies; ensure ongoing “strategic readiness” and flexibility
  • Present draft strategic plan (to include goals, strategic initiatives, and a benchmarking methodology for assessing progress) to the community for final comments prior to submission to the Board of Trustees
  • Present final draft of the plan to the Board of Trustees for its consideration and approval
  • Publicize the approved plan internally and externally